Environmentally-friendly mining of natural minerals for green usages


Silicon or Bentonite clay can be used across various industrial sectors. However, not all bentonite clay is of a food grade. But at our site, the bentonite clay composes of high silica content-up to more than 70%, making it a quality of calcium bentonite for life which is 100% natural and safe for usages in agriculture, animal food production, water treatment, odour absorbance etc.

Benefits as a supplement for farm animals

1. 100% natural supplements for animals.
2. Boosts germanium level, improving overall immune system
3. Removes chemical residue and diseases with negative ions
4. As well as removes mould and fungi
5. Helps absorb other good minerals with a porous property
6. Strengthens cell walls and enhances good health
7. Contains silicon in the form of silicic acid which is important for shell building (crabs, shrimps)
7. Excellent binding property for food granule production with small, sticky particles from montmorillonite
8. Increases survival rate by means of removing parasite and cleansing digestive system—promising a higher profit and 

higher quality of livestock



1. Increases bone mass and physical strength for animals
2. Improves blood circulation, body mass, and milk production
3. Boosts oxygen level and improves the digestive system
4. Decreases ammonium level, resulting in less excrement smell
4. Lowers stress level and betters mood
5. Prevents disease by two-positive ionizing property
6. Improves flexibility of muscle and tendon